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How to Realign Gutters


Your gutters must be aligned properly in order to ensure proper draining. Below is a guide on how to realign gutters. If this is a job you are not comfortable completing, please consider calling WE CLEAN GUTTERS LLC for our gutter repair service. We will inspect and realign the gutters on your home.

align gutters with screwdriver

Your gutter needs to be in proper condition to perform its role. Sometimes weather conditions and elements such as too much water, wind and debris might push a gutter out of its correct position.

When this happens, you need to rectify the situation as soon as possible because the consequences will be unpleasant if you don’t. The rainwater will pool on your roof, garage or other places in the house and it will damage your home.

Follow these steps if you want to realign your gutters or visit our homepage for information on our service:

Check Your Gutter

You need to know where the problem lies before you start fixing anything. The only way you can do this is by inspecting the gutter. You should look out for debris build up, blockages or leaks or broken seals.

Knowing any other problems that a gutter has is part of maintenance because you will then fix these issues. If there is a section of the gutter that is bent, then this is the place that needs realignment. You can pour water from the far end of the downspout and watch its speeds as it goes through the gutter.

If the water changes its speed at some point, you need to check out that spot because it may have a problem. If the water backs up at the spot, then it might be due to debris build-up which might prevent the water from going through.

However, if the water slows down, then the slope might be bent, and this might be the reason that water does not flow smoothly through the gutter.

Fix The Problem

Once you know what the problem is, the next step is fixing it. If your gutter has debris, maybe from fallen leaves, twigs and soil, you should remove them. Installing a mesh guard is a great idea for trapping debris to prevent it from accumulating in the gutter. If the gutter is bent at some point, then you need to start the realignment process.

Realign The Gutter

There are various ways you can realign a gutter. The gutter might be slightly out of shape or may be sagging. If this is the case, then you can use pressure to bring it back to its original shape.

Focus on the problem area, and this is the spot where water is not moving smoothly. If the brackets that are directly in front of the problem area or behind it are loose or broken, then it means that they’re not properly aligned.

Therefore, you need to tighten the loose brackets or replace the loose ones. After that, you should pour water into the gutter as you did previously and checked how the water flows. You should pay attention to the areas you just fixed to see if it worked.

Research suggests that sectional gutters tend to sag compared to seamless gutters. Wind, ide and too much debris can make the seams to fail.

If some sections of the gutter are broken, you will need to replace them. If you are only changing a part of the gutter, then you’ll remove the screws or nails that hold it together.

You can then take out the damaged piece and replace it with a new one. If a nail and spike installation was used on the gutter, then you will have to use needle nose pliers to remove the spike. This type of installation is a bit complex. You cannot simply put a new piece in the damaged section. After putting in the new part, you will have to reinstall the entire system.

Know When to Call a Professional

It is possible to realign gutters yourself. However, there are cases where it is best to call a gutter company to come to fix the problem for you.

If you cannot determine the problem or are unable to realign the gutter, then please call WE CLEAN GUTTERS LLC. You will save yourself a headache and some time.

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Tools for Gutter Cleaning

Gutters can be mounted by using several methods. Some well-known options include hidden hanger with a screw, screw and ferrule, fascia bracket, and roof hanger with strap. And cleaning is one of the best ways to identify the method best suited for the installation, by examining the available hangers.
There are many more information and useful facts about gutter cleaning that should be known to modern homeowners. Through this article, we will come to know more about tools, measures, and services concerned with the same in detail. 
Tools for Gutter Cleaning
Gutters are essential for every homeowner because on a rainy day they protect the roofing and the walls from the water. Hence, cleaning the gutter is required. Here some advise, which will help you to handle the cleaning process of the gutters.
As far as necessary tools for cleaning gutters are required, the tools are classified into different options as necessary tools, optional tools, and specialty tools. Some necessary tool options include a trowel, gutter scoop, a rag, work gloves and a bucket. These tools help in removing most of the debris.
First one is to take your tools. - You will need a ladder, work gloves, a pair of old shoes, a hose and a bag. There are shops, which sell specialized tools for cleaning gutters, so you can search for one in your local area or visit It is not necessary to buy such tools, you can use your own. 
Other Tools for Gutter Cleaning 
  • Gutter flusher and cleaner
  • Gutter cleaning “tongs”
  • Gutter cleaning operator
  • Gutter vacuum accessories 
  • Gutter sense cleaning tool
  • Gutter getter cleaning kit 
The next thing you need to do is to check for safety. You cannot depend on the gutters if something happened, because the material which they are made of is very unstable. So, make sure that your ladder is stable and be careful.
Tools like handheld blowers, a hose and a roll of masking tape are counted among the optional tools that make the task easier. The specialty tools are actually the tools that are used by expert cleaning service providers. A pair of tongs is one such essential specialty tool which is used to check the gutters for leaks on regular basis.
One essential fact is that one should opt for cleaning of gutters for at least two times every year. In this regard, the spring and fall is the best possible time. The option of the handheld blower is there to remove dry leaves and twigs. Some handheld blowers are also available that can be used with no investment in electricity or equipment.
Professional furnace and duct cleaning experts are always there to make gutter cleaning simple and easy. But, certain measures are also there that can be followed by modern homeowners to take better care of the structure. Installation of gutter guards, brush inserts etc can be used to end clogging gutters and make cleaning a simple task in most of the processes.

5 Factors in Hiring a Gutter Cleaner


You’ve decided it’s time to hire a professional gutter cleaner. But which company should you hire? WE CLEAN GUTTERS LLC provides the five most important factors to consider when hiring a professional gutter cleaning service for your home:

gutter cleaner

Many homeowners do not even think of checking out their gutters until they see water pouring from it. The fact that gutters are installed near the roof does not help matters because people do not think about getting a ladder and looking at their gutters.

Gutters may be filled with soil, fallen leaves, and twigs, especially after the fall season. This will impact draining. You can clean the mess yourself but guess who’ll do a better job? A professional gutter cleaner. Here are five factors you need to consider when hiring a gutter cleaner.


Every task around the home is potentially dangerous. However, gutter cleaning can be more dangerous. The gutter cleaning crew that will be working on your home will be using ladders to the roof. Even professionals can get into accidents.

A worker might get injured, fall off the ladder or get into any kind of accident in your home. Imagine what would happen if they didn’t have insurance? The person can sue you for damages.

This is a mess you can avoid by asking a gutter cleaning company if they have insurance if the insurance covers any accidents that may occur on your roof and whether all their employees are covered. Professionals always carry insurance and do not have a problem showing you their certificate of insurance.

Excellent Customer Service

Every business person or worker should practice customer service. You should expect the same from a gutter cleaning company. A company that is conscious of customer service should want to attend to you as soon as possible.

You need to be careful which company you choose because some of them will give you a date that is far away. If you wait too long wait to clean your gutter, you might have a lot of problems to deal with. The gutter might start leaking and damage the roof among other issues.

Therefore, you might spend more when the gutter cleaning company finally arrives at your home. Choose a company that cares enough to solve their customers’ problem as soon as possible. The BBB is a good source for good companies.


If a gutter cleaning company is confident of their services, they will have no problem providing a warranty. The fact your gutter has been professionally cleaned does not mean that it will never accumulate debris. It is natural for the substances in the roof to end up in your gutter and you cannot stop this process if your gutter is exposed.

However, it is nice to know that you have a warranty for a minimum of 60 days after your gutter has been cleaned. Therefore, one of the questions you should ask a gutter cleaning company that you are considering is whether they guarantee their work and for how long.

If a company does not provide a warranty, then you will be on your own if you have performance issues after they’re gone. If you need the company to provide you with other services apart from gutter cleaning, then they need to guarantee those services and the products too.

For example, if they replace your gutters or install gutter protection, then they need to guarantee the products they have installed.


Some companies do a little bit of everything, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, they may not be the best choice for you. Some of these companies only do gutter cleaning as a way of bringing in more money, but their area of specialization may be cleaning windows or mowing lawns.

That means that they may not have the insurance needed to get on your roof. It is better to deal with a company that specializes in gutter cleaning. Such a company will know the best methods to use, what to look out for and they can give you the best service because that is what they do on a daily basis.


You need to trust your gutter system with a company that knows what they are doing. A company that has been operating for two years or more is an excellent choice. Some individuals get into businesses to get quick cash, and then they vanish.

Therefore, you cannot count on them anytime you need them. Your warranty will also be useless if they are no longer in the business or if you cannot find them. Let’s say you get a company that operates from the back of a van. What will happen if they drive off one day? Where will you get them if you have an issue with the work they did?

That is why you need an established company, preferably one that has maintained their physical location for over two years. Such a company is not going anywhere anytime soon because they have invested in the business.

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Are Your Gutters Draining Properly?

gutter overflowing with rainwater

Gutters are essential in our homes because they help to direct the rainwater from the roof to a designated place such as a water tank. Majority of homeowners usually install gutters then forget about them. We assume that they do what they are supposed to and we move on with our lives.

 Other times, it may be hard to know when there is a problem because we may not notice it during the sunny weather and we are in the house when it is raining. You may see the effects of a faulty gutter afterward. It is vital to monitor our gutters to know if they are working properly.

Do Your Gutters Have Cracks or Faults?

Gutters are exposed to additional pressure especially in areas that experience a lot of rain. The extra weight can make your gutter to start leaking. When this happens, call the professionals to come to help you out. A leaking gutter will not drain water properly and may lead to other problems such as damaging your roof.

Are Your Gutters Clogged?

Sometimes, leaves, sticks and other substances can accumulate in your gutter especially during fall when trees are shedding off their leaves. When you see the debris, it is a sign that your gutter is not draining properly. The debris usually changes how water flows from the gutter.

Therefore, the water may not get into the tank and may accumulate in a section of your roof or house. The water can also stay in the gutter, and the extra weight of the water and the debris may make the gutter to collapse. It is essential to clean your gutter every season to avoid the accumulation of debris.

Is There Water Near the Foundation of Your Home?

One of the signs that your gutters are not draining properly is the presence of water collecting around your home’s foundation. You will especially notice this during rainy seasons or when it snows. Your gutter drains should protect your home from water damage by leading the water away from it. If they are not functioning well, then the water will go near your foundation.

You may consider using a splash block on your gutter drain to ensure that water from the roof is drained a little bit far from the house. A downspout extension on the bottom part of your gutter drain can also do a good job.

Is There Water in Your Basement?

A faulty gutter cannot direct water to the correct place. The gutter may be filled with water and also debris and may spill over. Some of the water may find itself in your basement.

This happens because the water collects at the foundation of the home and that is how some of it gets to your basement. Your basement may have water stain or a flood.

Even stains on your basement wall could be a sign that your gutter drainage may be faulty. It is advisable to have this checked before the situation worsens and you get a poll of water in your basement.

Are There Cracks in Your Home’s Foundation?

It is normal for the foundation of a home to have cracks over time. However, you should know that water damage also results in cracks in the foundation. Water damage can come about if your gutters are not draining correctly.

Do you now see the connection between faulty gutters and foundational cracks? This is not meant to cause you to worry because not every foundational crack is a cause for alarm or is caused by gutters not draining correctly.

You should pay more attention to the cracks if they are bigger than 1/8 inch. If you notice your cracks getting wider, then you should check your gutter and check if there is water around the foundation of your home.

Is Mold Growing in Your Home?

Let us begin by clearing the air. Having molds in your home does not automatically mean that your gutters are not working correctly. However, damaged gutters can lead to molds in your home. When the gutters are not working properly, it means that they cannot adequately channel all the water from the roof to the designated place that is a reasonable distance from the house.

What happens next is that the water is directed to areas near and around the house. Your home will then have higher humidity levels. Molds thrive in places with high moisture. Therefore, the water and high humidity will encourage molds to grow. You may even notice some white substance on your concrete wall.

Is Surface Soil Near Your Home Soaked?

You may not see water dripping from your gutter (maybe because you are in the house when it is raining) to know that there is something wrong with your gutter drainage.

When your gutters are not in good condition, water will be leaking from them and falling on the ground. If you are not experiencing any rain, but your soil is filled with water, then it may be time to look at your gutter.

You may not previously be able to connect a soaked ground to leaky gutters. You need to be on the lookout for it.

If you see some of these signs but do not know for sure if your gutters are draining properly. Do not worry because this happens. You can call a professional gutter installation and repair company to tell you exactly what is going on with your gutters.

You will know the condition of your gutter with these tips. If it is faulty, then the experts will fix that for you so your gutter can continue to perform correctly.

If you want your gutters to be in good condition, then you have to carry out maintenance. Clean it once a year or better still, once every season.

The cleaning should be done especially after the fall season. Then you can remove all the fallen leaves and sticks that accumulate as debris on the gutters and block them. Having your gutters checked by a professional once in a while also does not harm.

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